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6. Many anti-wearadditives can do tests of driving without engine oil, can I try it? Does itmean we can driving without engine oil if we add DUBAN products?
First to emphasize, driving without oil is an destructive test likeautomobile collision, which can cause serious damage to the engine or even atotal loss. So please do not follow it. We never promise: DUBAN Nano oil-saving& maintaining fluid can ensure that the engine will have no problem withdriving without oil.

7. Can DUNBA products use in gearbox?How to use? What is the usage and useful time?
It is very easyto be used by adding the fluid to gearbox. Normal usage is about 0.5%-3.5%according to machine model. Oil-saving will be more evident if using DUNBAproducts both in engine and gearbox.

8. Can DUBAN Nano oil-saving &maintaining fluid solve burning oil problem?
Accordingnational standard, burning oil is that oil consumption is more than 1% of fuelconsumption. For burning oil, if it is caused by fatigue wear, DUNBA productscan totally solve this problem. If it is caused by these problems includingexcessive wear of piston, piston rings, cylinder walls and valve guides;breakage or aging of valve seal and so on, only using DUNBA products can notcompletely solve burning oil problem.

9. Can using DUNBA products preventcylinder scoring?
Reasons for thefault of cylinder scoring in engine including assembly quality like the gap ofcylinder piston is too small and the shape and position is tolerance; partsmaterial issues like bearing material is not qualified; oil quality like theindicator of oil viscosity and antiwear property is not qualified; lubricatingsystem problem like low oil pressure, oil leaks or blockage; improper use andrepair of engine like don’t add oil timely, causing oil shortages or don’t addcooling liquid timely, causing high engine temperature. These issues can’t betotally solved by DUNBA oil-saving additives, but testing and actual use bothhave proved that the damage and economic loss will be reduced greatly becauseof the Nano protective coating, even can effectively prevent the occurrence of cylinder scoring.