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10. Why are some vehicles oil back andimpurities increase after using DUNBA oil-saving additives?
It is caused byexcessive carbon deposits, oil sludge and sediments of original car crankcaseor not cleaning crankcase once when changing oil. The nanoparticles have strongadsorption, so that DUNBA additives can clean the carbon deposit, sludge andsediment easily and make them dispersed or suspended in oil. So it make oilcolor is black and impurities increased. When these impurities are graduallyfiltered out through the oil filter, the color will gradually return to normal.But if the impurities are too much, please change the oil earlier so as toavoid blockage, causing damage to the engine.

11. My car with running short time appears red phenomenon after adding DUNBAoil-saving additives, how is it?
Oil red means the oil pressure is below the alarm line. This problem shouldbe solved timely, otherwise will damage the engine. There are two possiblereasons for oil red. One is that the original lubricating system is very dirtywith excessive carbon, sludge and sediment. The floating dirt by cleaning blockedfilter screen or filter, causing alarm of lower oil pressure. Please cleaningthe lubricating system timely. Another possibility is that original oilpressure has been closed to alarm limits. If you add DUNBA products in thissituation, the oil flow resistance decreases and discharge faster, leading toalarm. Now please change the oil with higher level of viscosity grades as soonas possible.
According to local experience the phenomenon of oil red can be easily found inheavy load supercharge diesel and limousine with high-pressure alarm devicesbecause the alarm line is relatively high. You certainly should choose oil withhigher level of viscosity grades for heavy load supercharge diesel at the sameclimatic environment, or the phenomenon of oil red will be easilyoccurred.

12. I found the noise became lower, motive powder increased but oil-savingis not obvious after using DUNBA products, why?
Both the lower noise and increased motive powder are evidences of savingoil consumption. It is sure to save fuel because of the smaller acceleratorwith same loading and same speed. The question is, we should compare oilconsumption in same condition. The elements affecting oil consumption isvarious, such as road condition, car condition, loading, weather, drivinghabits and so on. So it is difficult to compare precisely. Besides, differentoil added every time, different kilometers the car runs, although saving oil,it is only 1 to 2 litres for 100 km, which is hard to see. But if compared in along run, especially for long-distance, it will be easy to see the obviouseffect of saving oil.