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Progress of graphene controlled doping research

Controlled doping of graphene research has made new progress

Graphene as a new member in the family of carbon crystal, set to a variety of outstanding features, whose electronic transfer rate is higher than silicon two series, is expected to replace the silicon material in the semiconductor industry. However, graphene is zero bandgap semiconductor, and therefore the effectiveness of regulation of its electrical nature determines this new material's future. Dopant is considered to be one of an effective means of regulation of electrical properties of graphene, however, graphene's two-dimensional honeycomb structure has brought great difficulties in doping. To solve this problem, the Gong Jianru research group, National Center for Nanoscience Palace, use the ion implantation technology to produce carbon atom vacancy defects in graphene by high energy ion bombardment. Then through high temperature annealing in ammonia atmosphere, the use of ammonia from the decomposition of nitrogen atoms to fill the vacancy defects in carbon atoms, finally, nitrogen atoms in the graphene doped. Prepared by nitrogen atoms doped graphene field-effect device with n-type conduction nature was further confirmed by the nitrogen atoms of the doping effect. In addition, by adjusting the ion implantation dose, annealing temperature and other conditions, we can achieve accurate and controllable doped, which means a great deal to the theoretical research and practical applications of graphene.