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What is DUNBA? What are the special effect?


DUNBA Nano lubricant additives is an energy-saving and environmental protection product which canimprove the friction of cylinder, piston, bearing, gear, differentialmechanism, turbocharger and other parts, and also have antiseptic and cleanperformance. When adding our products to the lubricating oil, Nanometer activemaintenance factor will be send to the engine cylinder, piston, bearing, gearand other parts. It not simply form a protective coating, but directly producechemical reaction in the friction part where friction convert into heat, andalso can generate organic-inorganic compound coating owning excellentantifriction performance and greater hardness which fully protect the cylinder,piston, bearing and gear. Our products can make effect as follows:
Fuel saving: Reduce consumption of fuel oil,engine oil, etc.
Super Anti-wear: Still provide superiorwear-resistant protection under the conditions of big load and even lubricationsystem failure or non-oil.
Vibration absorbent and Noise reduction:effectively reduce engine noise and vibration.
Reduce friction and increase efficiency:effectively reduce friction power loss; enhance the sealing performance ofcylinder, gearbox and differential; improve cylinder cylinder compression ratioand engine power; avoid oil leak and abnormal sound of gearbox anddifferential.
Fast start: superior lubrication function cansignificantly reduce the friction coefficient and improve the initial rotationspeed.
Clean carbon deposit: inhibit carbon depositionformation, remove obsolete carbon deposit, clean friction environment andprotect lubricant.
Environmentally friendly: improve oil burning,blue smoke and other conditions, to reduce exhaust particles and smokeemissions.
Reduce costs: effectively reduce parts damaged byfriction or accident, so that can reduce the equipmen operations andmaintenance cost.
Extend machine useful life: effectively reducefriction and attrition, extend the useful time of engine, bearing, gear andturbocharger.