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How to use ? What is the dosage?


Dunba products include two series according toapplication: Industrial equipment and car series, therefore, dosage amountdiffers from 0.5%-3.5% in different site situation. For example: The ratio is0.5%-1% with lubricant for industrial equipment, 0.5%-2.5% for large vehicles, 2.5%-3.5% for light car. (Specific dosage is according to every model)

The usagemethod is easy: vehicles series products could be added from the open of engineoil tank or into gear box directly and will be effective after 15 minutes; forequipment, the products also could be added into lubricant box directly. Theeffect will be better when the products are used with new lubricating oil.

II. Technologicalprinciple
Nano materials is a research hot point in material science field sincenearly twenty years, nearly involved into every field of natural science. Atpresent, three aspects limit the wide application of Nano materials:
1) Chemical stability
2) Repeated dispersibility
3) Monodispersity

Therefore, to prepare nano product, which has good chemical stability and coulddisperse well in fluid medium, becomes the main development trend of nanomaterial research and industrial production. Nano particles with surfacemodified method could solve the question above, so it is valued greatly.Chinese brand (Dunba).