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What effect you will find after use DUNBA?


After using DUNBA Nano lubricant additives:
Cold startup
---The car starts very easily without preheatingafter 1 hour’s running. Then the car starts easier at second gear even thirdgear(only used for test).
Measuring cylinder pressure---The cylinder pressure rises apparently after 30to 60 minutes running especially the vehicles whose trip mileages are above 8million kilometers. After driving 1500 to 2000 kilometers with DUNBA lubricationmaintains fluid, the cylinder pressure is higher and more balanced. Engine runssmoothly and Vibration decreases obviously because of the average pressure.
Notice the lubricant oil---For the vehicles that not having too muchcarbon deposit, the carbon deposit in lubricant oil is little after the carruns 5000 kilometers with lubricant additives. After running 1000 kilometers(don’t change lubricant oil), lubricant viscosity is much better and carbondeposit is less than running 5000 kilometers. For vehicles with oil burningproblems and much carbon deposit, the lubricant oil will be black after addingour products because that it cleans the deposit. When change the lubricant oil,it will be clean and have less carbon deposit for a longer time.
Listen the sound---It can reduce the engine noise one hours later.After running 1500 kilometers, the engine voice feels like a new one.
Auto speed--- Accelerating speed is powerful, and the timeand distance is evidently decreased. The phenomenon of shaking or acceleratedpowerless in the process of speed will disappear.
Rotate speed---60 minutes later when using DUNBA, the speedwill rise apparently at he same condition. The idling of carbureter engine cannaturally improve.
Vibration---The engine is running smoothly without swingand the vibration evidently decreased. If add DUNBA to gearbox anddifferential, the car vibrates less.
Oil saving---The effect of oil-saving is remarkable for thevehicles using our product.
Stability---Our product can be easily and stably dispersedin all kinds of lubrication fluid. There is no large reunite in fiber likeother nano products.